Hai c: I love your style ! I was just wondering if you have any tips for me because, I'm only 13 and I really want to dress kawaii/dolly like but idk where to buy those type of clothes? Can you help me?

Thank you! Well, I don’t know much about the typical ‘kawaii’ clothes but you could try Ebay or Rakuten.

However, if you mean the clothes I wear - I make a lot of them but you can just search for long dresses on Ebay. 

Sorry I can’t be of much help! Good luck with your style! <3

Hi! I'm curious about fake nails.. I've never tried them, but I'd really like to :D My questions are.. do they ever break or are they stronger than real nails? How much do they usually cost.. the long ones with a lot of deco? And how do you remove them? :O Thank you ^__^ <3 Love your blog by the way! You're a real beauty and one of my inspirations for gyaru style :)

Thank you! I use stick on nails - I sell them in my shop HERE

I use double-sided nail stickers so they come off easily. I put them on and take them off just like jewellery. <3

I'm new to your blog and new to gyaru/manba. Can you tell me how you became interested in the trend (and did you ease into it or just go all out) and if you feel more confident/attractive? I'm worried I'll get a lot of looks >.<

You will get a lot of looks, I’m not going to lie. But it’s important that you live your life however you want to (as long as you harm no one and nothing). The number one regret upon deathbeds is that they didn’t live their lives for themselves, they lived it for others. I find that really sad, so please live for you! You can take the stares, just act confidence and confidence will come.

I became interested in gyaru by seeing a photo of a manba and thinking ‘ew! What on Earth is that?!’ but I researched into it for some reason and my disgust grew into love and adoration somehow. Now I’m obsessed! I do feel more confident like this because it’s how I want to look. However, I know that I’m not perceived as attractive by many people but that’s not important. <3

Hello , i would like to know it is your real hair when your are blonde or it is extension? thank you

It’s my real hair most of the time but sometimes I wear extentions to thicken it a little. However, the extensions are always shorter than my hair so the length is always my own hair. <3

'Space Kitten' (Pastel Galaxy) nail tutorial:


I recreated some nails as a request in my shop and I liked them so much I made myself a set too!

I recreated some nails as a request in my shop and I liked them so much I made myself a set too!

Some of my recent makeup looks

Some of my recent eye makeup

New video with me singing (if you can call it that!) backwards and then reversing it! <3

I just can’t keep it together playing this game, these are the best names I’ve used yet! I don’t think I’ll beat this! >_< <3

hey girl i dont know if u seen it or not but theres a nasty page about u on fb bitches just jealous of u so just ignore them k? x

I’m not sure, I’ve seen a few but not any new ones. I don’t really look for them! Haha >_< It’s fine though, they don’t bother me much. Thanks for letting me know though! <3

Hello, Dear~ i read your posts really long time. I remember the moment when I saw you on television for the first time. I was very surprised and inspired. Maybe you get thousands of such messages, but I really dream to meet you and chat. Have a nice day, dear ^^

Aw, thank you so much! That’s very kind of you to say! =] <3

Hello! ^^ I have a pretty desperate question. I really really like your style and gyaru in general, but I have kind of short hair (they barely reach over my ears) and I don't like wearing wigs :$ Do you maybe have an advice on how to style my hair to look more gyaru? I really need some help ;____;

Thank you so much! Ah, I’m probably not the right person to ask since I’ve never had short hair but I’ve seen so many gyaru with short hair that looked so cute! There’s even gyaru with shaved heads! Also, it all depends what genre of gyaru you’re interested in. Sorry that I can’t really help, good luck! <3