New video with me singing (if you can call it that!) backwards and then reversing it! <3

I just can’t keep it together playing this game, these are the best names I’ve used yet! I don’t think I’ll beat this! >_< <3

hey girl i dont know if u seen it or not but theres a nasty page about u on fb bitches just jealous of u so just ignore them k? x

I’m not sure, I’ve seen a few but not any new ones. I don’t really look for them! Haha >_< It’s fine though, they don’t bother me much. Thanks for letting me know though! <3

Hello, Dear~ i read your posts really long time. I remember the moment when I saw you on television for the first time. I was very surprised and inspired. Maybe you get thousands of such messages, but I really dream to meet you and chat. Have a nice day, dear ^^

Aw, thank you so much! That’s very kind of you to say! =] <3

Hello! ^^ I have a pretty desperate question. I really really like your style and gyaru in general, but I have kind of short hair (they barely reach over my ears) and I don't like wearing wigs :$ Do you maybe have an advice on how to style my hair to look more gyaru? I really need some help ;____;

Thank you so much! Ah, I’m probably not the right person to ask since I’ve never had short hair but I’ve seen so many gyaru with short hair that looked so cute! There’s even gyaru with shaved heads! Also, it all depends what genre of gyaru you’re interested in. Sorry that I can’t really help, good luck! <3

Haters are going to find something wrong no matter what. The best feeling is just being happy with yourself, whether you want big hair or blue skin or what have you. You are amazing as long as you are happy. :)

Thank you so much! >_< <3

Hey, I love your blog! I love looking at all your lovely outfits and nails, but the looping changing hello kitty on the side of the screen is very distracting and kinda detracts from being able to focus on your material, and I try to resolve it by blocking that side of my screen with my hand while scrolling down. I don't know if its a problem for other people, but just wanted to let you know. But keep being awesome and rocking out your magical majesticness!

Aw, haha sorry! >_<  That’s so cute that you do that though! It’s not really doing anything useful there so I’ll go and remove it (if I can remember how!). Thanks for letting me know! =] <3

How do you reduce red tired veiny eyes whilst wearing circle lens and drawing on the white part of the eye without the redness standing out?

I don’t actually get much redness on my eyes.

However, try these:

- Drink more water

- Make sure the lenses are properly lubricated before inserting them

- Train your eyes to wear lenses (start with 4 hours per day then up that by 2 hours at a time until you reach 12 hours per day - try not to wear them for longer than that).

- Avoid smoke/heat near the eyes

- If you find your eyes getting dry, buy some eye drops (make sure they’re suitable for use with lenses first though!).

Good luck! <3

I'm sorry to hear about the tough time you've been having recently, sending you good vibrations! Your recent blog post made me tear a little too, you have such a kind heart, here's hoping nothing but goodness comes your way from now on <3

Aw, thank you so much for this! This means a lot! <3